Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first post

This my first blog ever ever. This is my family on Alonna's side of things... every one of us to date from G&G Pack on down including inlaws like myself second to right and Francy over on the far left. When I get frisky I will do the Leavitt side of the family but that will be a much bigger project because there are a lot of em.
Family is a really cool thing. This picture was taken in the late summer of 2009. Gramps Pack, front and center died a few short months later. Sure glad we all got together because this was about the last real outing he had before he couldn't anymore. G pack was a bit hard on me because nobody could be good enough for his little girl. Everything considered though he was a really good freind. We did some fun stuff together. Hunting trips, camping, fishing, skiing, farming. I do miss you Dalin. Hope you get out of language reform school soon.


  1. hey uncle barty!! wow, a blog. good times!! be sure to check ours out too! love ya!

  2. i love love love that you have a blog!!!!! and i agree with kel, double pound it.